Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment where the ambitious youth and women are motivated to bring out the infinite energy that each one of them has and utilize it to support the community. 

LelKheir is a social development company initiated to create an environment of growth and prosperity within the Saudi society. The company aims to accomplish its mission through the creation of events, workshops and social campaigns. 

By providing the means for a young woman to become part of a conceptual community and work towards a cause with freedom to express love and giving, the development of the individuals participating comes naturally.  


The main goal we aspire to reach does not stop at creating a certain community or developing a society, it is ultimately to initiate a new point of prosperity for the youth of our home, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision & Philosophy

Our vision is to transform the understanding of goodwill in society from material to sentimental. 

We believe in the long-term development of society through innovation & the cultivation of talent and energy.